Fashion Fridays!

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Coming to a Closet This Summer, Tennis Shoes!!

Tennis shoes are very popular right now and should be considered your go-to shoe for casual wear. Not only are they comfortable, there are many styles to choose from; white, leopard print, bright colors,  dark colors and some with bling. Wear them with jeans or your favorite casual dress.


Tennis Shoes!! Comfortable and stylish.

Fashion Friday Question:

Question from “A Texas Broad” – The ladies in my family tend to have broad shoulders, what’s the best type of top or blouse to flatter linebacker shoulders?

Chevelle – I’m top heavy as well and have found that these are the best shirt types for us:

* Shirts that open up your chest and face.
* V-neckline and Round necklines, but no crew necklines as they cover too much of the neck and make you look more broad on top.
* Shirts with soft material that…

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Fashion Fridays!

Let’s make Fashion Fridays a fun and informative day. Bring it on!

Lemonade Pink

At Lemonade Pink, we are launching our new Fashion Fridays segment,  starting April 22, 2016. We all have girl friends we can go to for fashion advice,  but why not have a backup plan when she can’t be reached?


Let Lemonade Pink and Chevelle’s Style be your go-to site for fashion and style advice. If you have fashion and style questions,  post them to the Lemonade Pink blog site throughout the week and on Fridays, Chevelle will post answers to your questions. It’s as simple as that.  Chevelle is a fashion and style expert with years of fashion consulting experience and will give her advice on the current and upcoming trends.  Don’t be shy. Ask away and remember,  these are her opinions…….given with style and grace.

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Summer Feet!

Lemonade Pink

I was at the salon this week getting my bimonthly manicure and pedicure when I thought about all of the cute sandals that I want to wear this summer.  As my nail lady massaged my feet and applied a great smelling foot scrub, I realized how important it is to take care of my feet if I want my feet to look good in my summer shoes.


Our feet and hands are just as important as the clothing we wear.  They can make or break an outfit.  There are so many different color combinations and nail art that can give us whatever look we are going for.


We should only wear sandals that fit properly .  Toes should not hang over front of our shoe nor should our heels spill over the back of the shoe.


Toes should be either perfectly polished (no chips) or nail polish free.  If you…

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